Welcome to Educational Management Graduate School UNY

Introduction of New Student Campus Life (PKKMB) Yogyakarta State University began on Monday (8/19/2019) which was opened with the 2019 Study Program Generale of New Student Information Technology Insights by the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, Rudiantara, S.Stat., M.B.A. at UNY Sports Hall. PKKMB Postgraduate Yogyakarta State University was held on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at the UNY Auditorium with the theme "The Challenge of World Class University in Industrial Revolution 4.0" followed by an introduction by each study program. UNY's Postgraduate Education Management Program was represented by Prof. Dr. Sugiyono, M.Pd., as the Head of Study Program and Prof. Dr. Lantip Diat Prasojo, M.Pd. as the Secretary of Study Program, introducing MP study programs ranging from curriculum to research and publication. This year MP accepted 80 Masters (S2) students and 18 Doctoral (S3) students. The Head of Study Program hopes that students can make good use of their time and facilities in completing research and publications. Welcome to join the UNY Postgraduate Program, Greetings Scholars! (swb)