UNY's Educational Management Study Program (MP) held an FGD Curriculum Evaluation agenda followed by Head of Study Program and Secretary of MP Study Program, lecturers in MP Study Program, Stakeholders, and several representatives of students who took place in the GLB II meeting room (first floor innovative building of UNY postgraduate building) ).
Prof. Sugiyono as Head of MP S2 and S3 in the opening said that the scope of curriculum evaluation includes vision and mission of study program objectives, study program graduate profiles, study program achievements, curriculum structure, course descriptions, course distribution, human resources, facilities and infrastructure, curriculum flexibility, learning tools, learning process, and learning assessment. All of these factors must support the creation of graduates who have the skills needed in the 21st century, namely critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.
Specifically with regard to the level of applicability of courses given to students to the needs that exist in the world of work, Dr. Lantat Diat Prasojo as Secretary of the MP S2 and S3 UNY assured that all the courses given were in accordance with the needs of the workforce so that they could be applied maximally. In general, the courses given are appropriate, but it cannot be denied that progress in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 is very fast and requires educational institutions including MPs to always quickly and accurately observe all these developments, so that they are always ready early in preparing new courses which is relevant, continued the stakeholders in the event.
In an effort to maintain the quality of graduates, Prof. Sugiyono said not only by providing quality and relevant courses, but also must pay attention to the quality of student research based on the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI). S1 research must be able to apply science and technology in their fields of expertise, S2 research must be able to develop science and technology to produce innovative and tested work with an inter or multidisciplinary approach, and S3 research must be able to create science and technology to produce creative, original, and tested work with an inter, multi, and transdisciplinary.
Prof. Husaini Usman as a senior lecturer at the MP YSU Study Program on the occasion conveyed the importance of each Study Program including the MP YYU Study Program having its own characteristics or characteristics as excellence so that it can guide students in developing the competencies they expect. Meanwhile, Prof. Suyanto said that the involvement of digital technology in the education process in the MP UNY Study Program that has been running will continue to be maintained and always be developed because the involvement of digital technology is inevitable.
In closing the curriculum evaluation event, Prof. Sugiyono and Dr. Lantip Diat Prasojo said that MP YSU Study Program was always open to receive input from various parties related to the curriculum that was implemented at MP YYU Study Program as an effort to develop students' potential to the full, create competent graduates, and in the end be able to contribute to the progress of the nation and state of Indonesia ( Sugeng, 2019)..